Guideposts – December 30, 2015

Tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope. —Romans 5:3–4 (kjv)

I want to start a college fund for my son,” Bill said as he entered my office. The look on his face told me there was more, so I waited. “Sometimes I think it’s the only good thing I’ll ever be able to do for him,” he explained, describing his nasty divorce and the ensuing separation from his son. “I feel like he doesn’t want to be with me and that I should make it easy for him and just give up.” Tears pooled in his eyes.

I had a lot to do and appointments were backing up, but I could feel God nudging me: Tell your story, Brock.

I leaned back in my chair. “I’ve been there, Bill, and it’s not easy. My son, Harrison, wasn’t even two years old when his mother and I divorced.” I went on to describe the dread I felt waiting in his mom’s driveway: how I’d plaster a smile on my face and walk to the door, anticipating Harrison’s screams when I reached out for him.

“Luckily my sister, Keri, an expert in child behavior, had programmed a scenario in my head: Be patient. Speak calmly. React with love. I would drive to a nearby parking lot and tell Harrison, still screaming and kicking in his car seat, that I loved him, that I was going to get out of the car and wait until he stopped crying, and then we were going to Daddy’s house to have a fun weekend. I would stand by his window with my head turned, so he wouldn’t see that I was crying too. Over time his crying fits diminished, and I began to feel hopeful enough that I never gave up.” I picked up a framed photo of Harrison and me standing together, holding a big fish as we smiled into the camera. Bill looked at it and then back at me; his face was awash with hope.

Father God, be patient with us and f ill us with Your hope so that we might be patient too.
—Brock Kidd


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