Guideposts – May 31, 2017

I will give thanks… —Psalm 9:1 (niv)

Brock, we need to leave soon!” my wife called from the kitchen.

Two down, one to go, I thought as I tied my tie. Finally, the last graduation ceremony of the season. I longed to stay home and write.
I was rotating off a board after nine years and would be offering my farewell message that very week. Working with the poor through Nashville, Tennessee’s oldest nonprofit organization had been gratifying and I wanted my parting words to be profound.

Corinne and I found seats in the bleachers. We looked to the podium, expecting a wave of weighty advice. Instead, we were pleasantly surprised. “As a Southern lady, my mother always spoke of the importance of writing thank-you notes,” a fresh-faced girl began with a hint of exasperation. The crowd chuckled. “But as much as I hate to admit it, my mom was right. So this morning, I have written a thank-you note to all of you.” Her words were poignant and expressed her appreciation for everything she had gained from her teachers, friends, and school.

“Best graduation talk ever,” Corinne said on our drive home. I agreed, my mind churning.

Two nights later, I stood before the board and pulled out a simple thank-you note.

Dear God, thank You.
—Brock Kidd

Digging Deeper: Romans 1:8, 1 Thessalonians 5:18


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