Brock Kidd

Private Wealth Management for the Affluent Investor

Forbes just named Brock as one of the top wealth advisors in the state.*

In 2000, Brock Kidd became one of the founding members of Pinnacle Asset Management. He manages more than $750 million for clients including some of Nashville’s most affluent families. In 2002, he helped lead a relationship between Pinnacle and Raymond James Financial Services, giving Pinnacle Asset Management even more capabilities and broader scale. He has over 25 years of experience in the investment business, specializing in risk management and building of assets through sophisticated asset allocation models. Brock was a founding member of Pinnacle Advisory Services, an Independent Registered Investment Advisor where he served on the investment committee.

All investment advisory services offered by Brock Kidd are provided by Raymond James Financial Services Advisors.
Pinnacle Advisory Services is not affiliated with Raymond James or Raymond James Financial Services Advisors.

*Please see the criteria for this award on the Achievements page.


Personal Wealth Management

As a wealth manager for over 20 years, Brock has earned a clientele of affluent individuals, families, and institutions for whom he develops investment management and wealth strategies. Read More


Brock has been in the investment business since 1994. In 2000, he was given the opportunity to be a founding partner with Pinnacle Financial Partners, and they formed Pinnacle Asset Management. Read More


Brock’s philosophy developed through his career-long study of investment greats such as Benjamin Graham, Sir John Templeton, and Warren Buffett. Read More

Reaching Out

Brock was raised in a family where the idea of outreach wasn’t just an extracurricular activity. Read More


Brock has received regular recognition for achievements in an industry that measures professional success in highly objective terms. Read More


Family is Brock’s primary personal interest, with outdoor activities a close second. Often the two coincide. Read More

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