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KPWP Newsletter

Compiled by John Webb

Every quarter, John does a high-level analysis of the markets, how they have moved, and the catalysts behind these moves.  In addition to Brock’s more granular work, John’s analysis provides a qualitative and quantitative glimpse into the way the Kidd Private Wealth Group sees not just the stock market but the global economy as a whole.

Brock considers John “A bright young force in the investment business. He has a unique understanding of finance and the ability to capture months of news and data into a quick summary that is helpful for the team as well as our clients.”

Prepare Your Portfolio for Rising Rates

The economy showed signs of improving in the second quarter of 2014: Sales of autos and durable goods were stronger, retail sales recovered and business inventories grew. The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates at historically low levels…

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Where to Invest When the Market’s Hot

When the stock market has run up as much as it has for the past several months, it is easy to jump into the mode of investing in whatever seems to being doing best – those hot stocks we all hear about at dinner parties. My advice is to slow down, look at your entire portfolio, and invest in what gives you the best diversification…

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Investing in a Volatile Market

The recent period of volatility in the market has many people feeling unsure about investing. It’s important to remember that bear markets and bull markets are a natural part of investing, even if the former is the last thing most investors want to experience. It’s normal for emotions to run high…

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