Brock Kidd

Wealth Management
for the Affluent Investor

Guideposts No 1

“…he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness …” John 8:12 KJV

“Greed…is good.” In the movie, “Wall Street”, Michael Douglas plays an investment villain who makes the case that selfishness is a natural part of financial prosperity. He won an Oscar for his portrayal.

I was 15 when I first saw the movie. Already, I had my sights set on the investment business, But here was a stark portrayal of men choosing money over ethics. Darkness over light.

My goal was somewhat different. As that 15 year old, I saw investing as a way to help people. People like my minister Dad. People who spend their lives working hard and doing good, but lack money managing and investment skills.

I’m grateful that “Wall Street” imbedded itself in my head, with its glaring choice of good over bad and light over dark. The truth is there. We all know that there are those willing to use others, even ruin individual lives, for personal gain..

Greed, however, is sneakier than out right theft, cheating, dishonesty. Greed has a way of landing on my shoulder and whispering “you earned it, why not keep it for yourself?”

Greed is not my friend.

It reminds me that there is a reason why Jesus warns about the dangers of money. And why my father’s sermons often pointed out the difficulty of recognizing our own greed.

I’m holding my tithe card. “People don’t really tithe 10% anymore” greed says. I write a number on the card. “Very generous,” I tell myself. “No one knows it’s not 10%.”

No one, except me.

Greed… is Not good.


John 3:19KJV

Matthew 16:26KJV

Proverbs 16:8KJV