Brock Kidd

Wealth Management
for the Affluent Investor

Guideposts No 4

“…He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.” Psalms 31:24 KJV

It was a week before Christmas and, worn out by work, the holiday spirit was nowhere to be found.

I was raised in a home of hope. But the world seemed to be tilting toward a sort of hopelessness I hadn’t seen before. Around the world boundaries separated us, at home it seemed the same, with neighbor against neighbor.

“Santa’s on his way, Daddy,” three year old David suddenly informed me, as we sat in a booth waiting for breakfast.

For a moment, I enjoyed his sweetness, “Yep, and Jesus’s birthday’s coming soon,” I answered.

Sadly, my statement came, not from hope, but obligation.

As David finished his chocolate chip pancakes, our waitress appeared grinning widely.

“Well…you might not believe this,” her eyes glistened, “but these people I’ve never seen here before, wanted to pay for your breakfast.”

I was stunned.  I looked around the restaurant expecting to see a client or a family friend.

“Oh, they didn’t know you.” the waitress explained.

“I guess they just wanted do something nice for someone before Christmas. They’ve made my day.” she said brushing a tear.

I felt a rush of warmth, and looked at David whose face was covered with chocolate and syrup. It was then, I remembered ‘hope’.

“Mine too,” I smiled back, ”I’d like to pass it on and buy someone’s breakfast.”  She nodded, “I thought you might say that,”  she said.

Prayer: God thank you for the hope that you give us so often unexpectedly, if we can just hold on for it and pass it on.

Lamentations 3:26KJV
Proverbs 13:12 KJV