Brock Kidd

Wealth Management
for the Affluent Investor

Guideposts No 6

“…we all are the works of Thy hand.” Isaiah 64:8

When I was first introduced to Craig, I was a little intimidated. I knew him only as a high achiever on Wall Street. I had read about his meteoric rise in the hedge fund business. The article described how his peers marveled over his ability to separate what was crucial in an investment and what was ”just noise”.

Craig had just moved to Nashville from New York and because we shared an interest in business, and were both family-centered, our friendship evolved in a natural sort of way.

Eventually, Craig shared his story with me. He was, he said, at the ‘top of the world’ in the high risk business of hedge funds when the Great Recession came and everything fell apart.

“Within six months, I was on the bottom.”  he said. “it was a brutal fall.”

Having had similar experiences albeit on a smaller level, I could certainly relate with the huge swings that life sometimes brings.

“I had a bout with pity.”  Craig smiled, shaking his head.  “Then I met Sara.  She invited me to church, introduced me to God, and everything changed.”

Again, I felt a connection.

“I quickly learned that self pity was very much like telling God that I didn’t trust Him.” Craig explained.

We went on to talk about our individual journeys and how we finally learn that in most ways, we are all the same and God, does indeed, holds us all in His big hands.

Finally, everything else is ‘just noise.”


Proverbs 23:23
Psalms 43:3